Book your mini session

Thank you for wanting to help organizations on the front lines of family reunification! With your minimum donation of $250, you will receive a 10-minute mini portrait session for up to 6 people, and an edited image gallery of the best images.

Here's how this will work:

  1. Choose your time slot

  2. You will have 24 hours to make your donation

  3. Email the receipt of donation, and you'll be golden (booked)!


  • $250: For your contribution of $250, you will receive your choice of 4 high-resolution images from the gallery

  • $400: For your contribution of $400, you will be able to download all the images in your image gallery (10+ images)

Here are detailed instructions:

Donate directly to the organization you would like to support

You can divide the percentage or send all to one organization. Send receipt of donation to with the subject line "Whimsy at [your time slot]" (ex: Whimsy at 9am). This is to ensure all donations go directly to the organizations. Your donation receipt is due to me within 24 hours (keeping us all honest!) of your booking or else your time slot will be released.

Thank you for supporting the work of these organizations!