MINI SESSIONS ARE SOLD OUT. Join the mailing list and you’ll be first to know next round, I promise!

I’m offering fall mini sessions on October 19 and donating $50 from every session to continue to raise money for Immigrant Families Together and their new campaign, Every Last One. You will be booked for a 10-15 minute mini portrait session for up to 6 people, and an online viewing gallery to purchase your favorite images.

Here's how this will work:

  1. Choose your time slot and fill in your family’s information

  2. Send your $50 donation to Immigrant Families Together. This is your booking fee.

  3. Email the receipt of donation to me [] within 24 hours of reserving your time, and your spot will be booked! **This is crucial to reserve your session.

  4. Show up for your photo session, we’ll have a great time together, and then I’ll edit the very best of your photos.

  5. You’ll marvel at how happy your family all looks together, and then purchase only what you love.


  • $100 “We only need one good photo”: Your choice of 1 high-resolution image from the gallery

  • $200 “We’d like some photos for around the house”: Your choice of 4 high-resolution images from the gallery

  • $350 “We can’t decide, we love them all!”: You get alllll the images in your image gallery (10+ images)


Every. Last. One. a commitment to reunite every case of family separation at the border

We at Immigrant Families Together are making a commitment to every case of family separation at the border. No More Waiting. Join us to reunite every family at


Thank you for supporting the work of Immigrant Families Together and their dedication to reuniting children in government custody safely with their families.

Every. Last. One.