About Tiffany

Hi! I'm Tiffany, and I believe that the best stories are the ones that are true, told with energy, genuineness, humor and a little bit of poetry. I am a documentary family photographer and mother to a toddler. Also having been an elementary school speech therapist means I am extremely observant and patient, acutely aware of mischief, and constantly dealing with situations bursting with hilarity, chaos and sticky hands & hugs. 

I think our world has been very loud about how we/our children should be (act/look/behave), and through my experience shooting 200+ families, I have found that the perfection that the family portrait strives for is typically attained after a sweaty stressfest. If you are looking for an alternative, I believe that family photojournalism is all about authenticity and unreluctant vulnerability, and being able to remember how you felt (exasperated, relieved, joyful, expectant, or like you love your kids so fiercely you feel like your heart is going to burst) instead of how you wanted to look (sorry Pinterest!). To me, documenting the everyday in this way is like receiving permission to draw stories out of strangers, and to be invited to collaborate with the family in order to visually create photographs reflecting life itself: a series of interactions that make up the totality of a human life, much more than the words that make up a story, the cascade of moments making up your day that deserve to be documented, and the sense of "home" and the love that surrounds you daily. 

Extroverted introvert + food allergy mom + tiny house dweller (498 sq ft!) + Toisanese + road trip junkie + hopelessly disorganized, aspiring minimalist + acrophobe + globetrotter + UCLA alum!

About the photo That's me, holding our toddler while looking adoringly at my husband ;) Not sure if you can tell, but little man asked for JT's "Can't Stop the Feeling" and living room dance party has commenced. Yes, this used to happen every single day...