Family Session Questionnaire

I want to make photographs that are representative of the rhythms and spirit of your family, and you know your family best! If you can tell me what matters most to you, I can anticipate the moments to be captured for you. If you prefer to answer these questions via phone, let's set up a consultation call!

Parents' names, and names and ages of kids - include everyone who will be there for our session.
Do you already have an idea of what memorable experience you would like me to photograph? If so, please describe it along with why this is meaningful to you to have documented. (e.g. detail what happens and what you love about this regular time together as a family). Or if you're not sure yet, list your favorite activities to do together.
If you already know where you would like the session to be (at home or at another location that is part of your daily routine), what do you love most about this place? Is there anything you would particularly like me to capture?
What will you miss about this stage of life when it's over and the kid(s) is/are older?
Is there anything you are particularly looking forward to about our session or hoping to get out of it?
Is there anything you are worried about or any reservations you have?