Personal branding/Small business stories questionnaire

I want to make photographs that are representative of the rhythms and spirit of your services, and you know your business inside and out! If you can tell me what matters most to you, I can anticipate the moments and be aligned to your vision for your shoot. If you prefer to answer these questions via phone, let's set up a consultation call!

Include names and roles/titles of everyone who will be present during the session
How did you get your idea or concept for the business? Is there a unique story behind your business or business name or logo? To what do you attribute your success?
What makes your business/service(s) unique? What key service(s) do you want to feature in your shoot?
What is the primary message you want to convey to your customers? What topics/ideas do you have for the shoot?
What do you enjoy most about this place? Is there anything unique you would particularly like me to capture?
Use 5 adjectives or short phrases
For small business/personal branding films
Where will it "live"? On your website? or a short commercial for your IG/FB? How long would you like the duration of the film/video to be?
E.g. narration/voiceover, music (please describe preferences or name specific songs)