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Hi! I’m Tiffany!

Professional photog and overthinker, mama and weirdo


 “And if I photograph them only when they are dressed just right and clean and happy, they will absorb that message…that this is what I and what I want the world to value most of all in them. I see no value in that. I think when we grant our children permission to be whole and wild and life-filled as they are, and we celebrate that, we help them to see the world this way too. I think this is the stuff that really takes our breath away.”

From NIKI BOON’s speech at the Storyteller’s Conference, to a roomful of awestruck documentary family photographers (me included!) in Miami, May 2019

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I am a documentary family photographer and mother to a 4-going-on-14-year-old son and wiggly babbling baby girl. Having also been an elementary school speech therapist means I am extremely observant and patient; acutely aware of mischief; snarky in the most kid-friendly way; and constantly dealing with situations bursting with hilarity, chaos and sticky hands & hugs.

My family is my husband, 4-year-old boy, baby girl and rascal dog. Weekends are full of roadtrips and church, and inevitable toddler messes. We downsized from a regular-sized house to a tiny house (498 sq ft) to try really hard to keep collecting moments, not things. Less space has meant more togetherness, and we think it's going to stay this way.

My kids are my greatest source of chaos and joy. When I make pictures of them, I know the photos represent them as who they are now, for who they will become later, without prodding to perform or need for pageantry. I photograph without expectations of being anyone but themselves, and who they were created to be. I look at them with love in times of quiet, of curiosity, and I try to hold onto that in times of struggle, to look beyond the tantrums to understand how they are fighting so hard to become their own people.

My hope is to photograph your family the way I photograph my own. My hope is to contribute to your family legacies. My hope is to show you as you are, wrapped up in the beauty of your everyday, seen in the eyes of the ones who love you, and to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

In the daily, it may feel like a series of unconnected and mundane events. I see your day as a series of interactions that make up the totality of a human life – so much more than the words that make up a story – it is the cascade of moments making up your day that deserve to be documented, and the sense of "home" and the love that surrounds you daily.

Since I'm asking you to let me into your life and your home with a CAMERA, I think it's only fair that I let you in to mine so that we aren't complete strangers! (although I'm already a bit strange to begin with, see below):

Quirks & Quick Facts

EXTROVERTED INTROVERT// I like people, but I like them more in small doses

INCREDIBLY AWKWARD// in front of a camera but generally ok in my skin

FOOD ALLERGY MOM// I actually do enjoy talking about eczema remedies with strangers

TINY HOUSE DWELLER// 498 sq feet! but we're kind of cheaters because we have a garage

CANTONESE/TOISANESE// My grandparents were in the first wave to settle LA's Chinatown

ROAD TRIP JUNKIE// don't get me started on my love for Roadside America & folk art

ASPIRING MINIMALIST// to counteract my natural messiness

ACROPHOBE// but weirdly obsessed with things that fly, like hot air balloons, kites and birds

GLOBETROTTER // 32 hostel stays, 40 Airbnbs, and 12 countries so far

UCLA ALUM// Class of 2007. Go Bruins!

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