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Storytelling Photography for Families & Brands

Honest photography with all the feels


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Hello friend!

I’m so glad you’ve traversed Google land and found my tiny home on the internet. Come in and get comfortable during this quick break from keeping your kid(s) alive. Maybe you’re anticipating the arrival of a new baby, or wanting to remember all the funny things your kids wonder aloud, or realizing that grandma’s recipes need to be photographed. Wherever you are right now in your family story—I am here to listen and make pictures of your memories as you make them.

More About Me

 I believe that the best kinds of stories are ones that are true, are told with energy, and are genuine, humorous and a little bit poetic.

A documentary family session tells your story with all the feels – the where (home), the who (you! finally being in photos with your kids, not just the one behind the camera), the when (a day in your life), the what (your family rituals & routines, and all the brattiness, sweetness, and curiosity your kids are full of) and most importantly, the why (to show your kids how much they have always been loved by you).

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