Scavenger Hunt | Family Version


Here's how to play!

Copy & paste clues into a message on the Contact page

12 questions, 12 answers to be found by looking at photos on this site. Don't worry, they're all on the same page! Scroll down to paste into the message box.

Look at the photos on the Family Stories page

Toggle between the contact form and the Family Stories page. (This will be easiest on a computer, but doable on a phone with patience!)

Send me your answers on the Contact form!

Make sure to input your name & email address (you can select "other" for "How did you find me?"). Then hit "submit"! Woohoo!


  1. Two kids are wearing costumes. What are they?:
  2. What book collection is pictured in the blue room?:
  3. A family is sitting in a ___ made of cardboard:
  4. A girl really does not want to be practicing the _____:
  5. The dog watching the boy eat spaghetti is this color:
  6. Name of the book a mom is reading to her son:
  7. A dad playing video games is being kissed on the ____:
  8. Girl at Disneyland has ____ on her t-shirt:
  9. Name one of the countries the globe is showing:
  10. What kind of flowers are in the windowsill?:
  11. Letters on the dishwasher:
  12. What kind of apple is the boy eating?:

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Congratulations to Charisse, Marisa and Loren!