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Copy & paste the clues onto the Contact page

12 questions, 12 answers to be found by looking at photos on this site. Don't worry, they're all on the same page! Scroll down to paste into the message box.

Look at the photos on the Brand Narratives page

Toggle between the contact form and the Brand Narratives page. (This will be easiest on a computer, but doable on a phone with patience!)

Send me your answers on the Contact form!

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  1. This gold object is shaped like a bird (or a crane, if we wanna be specific):
  2. How many kids are reading books?:
  3. Object a dad is showing to the hairstylist:
  4. The title of a bright blue book with a shoeprint on it:
  5. Color of the wall behind the pig:
  6. Watercolor illustrator’s shirt color: 
  7. What material is the sofa made of?:
  8. Black triangles adorn this item: 
  9. Brand of the drill:
  10. Girl on a blanket is looking up at this animal:
  11. Instrument the kids are sitting on:
  12. Total number of dogs pictured:

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Congratulations to Charisse, Marisa and Loren!