Hi! I'm Tiffany

I am Chinese-American from Los Angeles, 2½ generation, oldest of 3 sisters. We didn't have playrooms full of electronics or the latest toys, but our art closet was always full of supplies sourced from yard sales.

I am a commercial lifestyle and editorial photographer with roots in family photojournalism. My work best serves brands who want to help people aspire to collect moments rather than things: experiential activities, family-friendly services, artisans, museums, education, minimalistic living, agrotourism, family travel, social documentary work, and visual ethnographies.

My photography is the thoughtful internalization of subjects’ perspectives to reflect back to them the stories they’ll need later. I take an anthropological participant-observer approach to create storytelling photographs that feel alive. Although my work has won a handful of awards, none don any prestigious institutions, but some grace the walls and shelves of many families’ homes – which mean more to me than anything. I live in Alhambra with my husband, son and daughter in a tiny home.

Photo: Yan Palmer

Alhambra CA 91803